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  • Hi, we're Modern Vintage. We love weddings, we love love & we love to sing while we set up. Our favorite part of the day is watching you, as a new couple, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. That feeling of elation & pure joy is why we do what we do.

Monthly Archives: April 2012

DIYF: Kid-Friendly

Ok, it is DIYF time again!  In the wedding world Friday is a time for rehearsals and preparation for the big day Saturday.  You take things “Step by Step” and this is exactly what we will

Venue Spotlight: Front Porch Farms

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Front Porch Farms in Ashland City, TN. A few weeks ago, the venue was the secret location for a special wedding.  The venue sits atop a hill overlooking a

Rock Island Engagement Photos

The first thing I should tell you about Brittni is that she is always smiling.  Her laugh is also contagious.  Andrew and Brittni have this easy going relationship and genuinely care about the

DIYF: Favors

It’s Friday night and the mood is right…It’s time again for another DIYF. This week, I have been seeing cool ideas for DIY favors all over the place. If you are going to do favors

Catering Alternative: Food Truck Frenzy

Gourmet food trucks are making a comeback recently on both the foodie scene as well as at weddings and other events. You may have seen these vintage style trucks selling their tasty wares in the

Inspiration. Owlove.

I guess you could think I have a speech impediment when I talk about owlove.  (That’s right our love.)  I love owls, birds and most forest creatures; as long as they are in the confines of the

DIYF: Repurposed

Remember on “Family Matters” when Steve Urkel turned into Stefan Urquelle?    In case you missed it (you know because you weren’t born or you were trying to get some peace and quiet

Registry Alternatives

At a loss for what to include on your registry or feel like you already have everything you need? Or maybe you would just rather your friends and family have the option to focus their giving towards

Oregon Engagement Session

Engagement.  Being engaged is so exciting. Introducing your once boyfriend as your fiance might make you feel pretentious at first but soon the word is flowing from your lips like honey and it feels

DIYF: Mason Jar Love

Another week has flown by for us and once again we’re gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done DIYF! That just continues to be funny to me. Remember Perfect Strangers? Oh how I used to

First Communion Barbecue

Last spring we did a party for a First Communion.  It was a party for a few kids and the parents wanted a fun, laid back atmosphere.  They were having a formal brunch that afternoon but the evening