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DIYF: Bracelets!

I don’t know about you, but I am a hardcore jewelry fanatic. I’ve got this overflowing jewelry box spilling it’s contents all over the stand it sits on and I still just. want. more.  It looks a little like this, except maybe not quite as treasure chesty.

If there’s anything more fun than wearing jewelry, it’s making it. You get to choose your own colors, fabrics styles etc. and then feel a little proud of yourself when people ask you where you got it. Lately, I am loving lots of pretty bracelets and I’ve found a couple of super fun tutorials that will satisfy that crafty itch while providing a lovely new adornment for your wrist.

V and Co.’s jersey knit bracelet is cute and casual and can be made with any old t-shirt you have lying around. It’s the perfect addition to a summer dress or getting ready for a day on the beach. And if you’re like me and when you were 10 you dreamed of all the riches you’d one day have from your awesome friendship bracelet business, the method of braiding the fabric around your fingers should be familiar.

Bows are really back in style right now and I see them all over everything – headbands, dresses, shoes. Why not add a cute, feminine little bow to give your wrist a little extra foof. (Not sure if foof is a word, but it seemed to work in my head.) This tutorial on Craftaholics Anonymous shows you how to make a little wrist bow from a piece of an old purse. I don’t even know how many old purses I have stacked in a closet that would make perfect bows.

This bracelet featured on Sew. Craft. Create. is a bit more detailed, but oh sooo pretty. I want to make one right this minute. It does require a small amount of sewing, but it’s minimal and I mean just look at the finished product. Wouldn’t these be just a fantastic bridesmaid gift?

Enjoy your DIY weekend and stack enough bracelets up your arms to make DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler jealous!

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