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Ain’t Your Mama’s Dessert Station: Planning + Prosecco

Sep 22

These days, there are so many options for yummy sweet treats for your guests. We’re not knocking the traditional wedding cake – we eat wedding cake at almost every event and haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Having said that, wedding cake is not for everyone. You may want to go with a little more variety. Or even still have cake, just slightly smaller and then supplement with other desserts. We’ve seen candy bars (that’s a candy display table, not just a snickers bar *wink wink), pie stations and even cookies and milk. You can really mix it up with some unexpected options that will delight your guests (and their taste buds). Here are a few of our favorite ideas to make desserts a memorable part of your wedding day.


Donuts can make an awesome dessert option. Serve them stacked up high on platters, make a donut wall, or even fill favor boxes with donut holes for a little take home treat. Nashville is home to an amazing bakery that makes 100 layer donuts that melt in your mouth and are almost a meal in themselves. An option like this can add a decadence above and beyond your average donut.


Not to be confused with macaroons (those little coconut treats) – these delicate pastries come in a huge variety of flavors and fillings like buttercream, fresh jams and even infused with liquors. Consider doing a few different flavors to give your guests options, but don’t give them too many options – they’ll want to try one of every kind. (To be honest, I could probably eat a half dozen macarons in one sitting, but I am a total macaron fangirl.)


Sno Cones / Ice Cream

For those hot months, who doesn’t love a nice treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you down all at the same time?! Sno Cones and ice cream are a super fun dessert for guests and can sometimes be a little less filling than cake. You can serve them from a bar, or to add a fun, interactive element to your dessert service, have the truck pull right up to your event. We’ve even done boozy sno cones for those who want to amp up the party a bit and still get their sweet fix.


For the most part you can’t go wrong with serving your guests desserts. They’ll appreciate any little sweet bite after dinner, whether it’s cake, donuts or something else! We’ve even done an after dinner cheese bar with a selection of imported European cheeses for those who like a more savory after dinner bite. The sky’s the limit, so let your dessert choices reflect you two and what you like as well. Your guests the personal touch and that you’ve shared your favorite things with them. See more about this on the latest installment of Planning + Prosecco.

Until next time, happy planning!


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