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Event Management v. Day of Coordination: Planning + Prosecco

Sep 7

What is the Difference Between a Day of Coordinator and a Month of Coordinator/Event Manager?


You guys we get this question a lot. Couples contact us and tell us that they just want someone to come in on the wedding day and run the show. They don’t need a planner, or even a month of coordinator. We want to jump into this in a little bit more detail so we can show you guys the difference between “day of” and “month of” or event management.

Day of Coordination

Most people think of a day or coordinator as someone who shows up on your wedding day, takes all the things you have planned and flawlessly makes them happen. Unfortunately, this is not how this scenario always plays out.  Even the most organized day of coordinator doesn’t know all the decisions you made and why you made them and may have A LOT of questions for you once they arrive.

What time is the cake arriving?  Do you have a cake stand? Did you know that your cake stand is 12″ and the bottom of your cake is 14″? Are you guys supposed to be seeing each other before the wedding? Did you say you had toasting flutes?

Well, you get the point. It is hard to pass on all the information to someone without truly talking to them first about the details. A day of coordinator is walking in on the wedding day and just may not have all the answers that your vendors and guests will ask. (Most “day of” peep are going to want to talk to you or meet with you before the actual day.) They also will not be able to fix any big mistakes or take care of things you may have forgotten (like ice or a cake stand.)

A plus to a day of coordinator is that they are going to be your most cost effective option, I mean other than asking Aunt Mildred to direct because you know she will do it for free.  (But let’s be honest, Mildred is bossy and your wedding party will NOT respond well to her.)  Another plus is that they will help with things like set up and clean up and your friends and family will get to be off the hook for that one.

Event Management or Month of Coordination

Let us say that there are some really good day of coordinators out there. If you found one give them (and yourself) a high five! Let us also say that we recommend springing for a month of coordinator or a wedding/event manager in place of day of if your budget allows. (Because most likely that day of coordinator is going to have to start talking with you before the wedding day anyway.)

A month of coordinator or event manager will meet with you a few weeks before the wedding. We meet 6 weeks out so we can take the logistic details off our couples in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding. They are going to basically download your brain into theirs asking about all the details, right down to who is taking all your decor home at the end of the night. This is to make sure that all the bases are covered and to see if anything has been forgotten or left out, like you planned photos for 9 hours in the day but only have your photographer for 8 hours.  (Y’all it is a lot of details and some of the smaller ones are easy to overlook.)

An event manager can help with layout, develop a timeline, and contact your vendors ahead of time to ensure that all their requests and needs are taken care of before everyone shows up on wedding day.  This ranges from making sure the cake table is set up when the cake arrives and that the officiant has the proper microphone (or a microphone at all) they need for the ceremony.

The downside to a month of coordinator is that it is going to be a bit more costly on your end. Look around in your area for one that works within your budget. Prices will range based on the level of services and time they spend with you. Another downside is that it is not quite as inclusive as having a planner with you every step of the way. (Come on, you know we had to throw that in!)

We put together a little Pros and Cons list for an easy side by side comparison:

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Again, remember the coordinator is there to take stress and work off of you and your family in the weeks leading up to wedding day and on your wedding day.  Take into consideration your budget and what it will allow for and let someone put linens on the tables while you (and your mom) sip on little bit of prosecco.

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