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There is a Season: Planning + Prosecco

Sep 27

Choosing Your Wedding Season

So, When’s the Wedding?

We know you started getting that question the second the ring showed up on your finger. Everyone, yes everyone- including your grandmother’s best friend has been asking you when you are getting married.  Well, that is a good question.

When is the Best Season for You?

First, think about what time of the year may work best for you.  Are you a teacher? If so, summer may work best. Are you a CPA? Steer clear of January-April!

Each area will have a “sweet spot” season. You know, the one where the weather isn’t too hot or too cold and everyone wants to be outside. If you want to get married in this “sweet spot” you will need to plan ahead. Many venues will be booked out a year or more in advance. Yeah, sometimes waaaayyy ahead.

In Nashville this time is the spring and the fall. The weather is just right for being outside and the sweltering summer heat hasn’t set in or it has just passed.

How do I Choose?

When choosing your season consider what weather you might be contending with and the implications it could have. Could it snow on your wedding day? (Gorgeous but could be difficult for guests to make it). Could rainy season put a damper on your outdoor ceremony? (You see what we did there?) Does your hair get really big in humidity? (Yeah, summer may not be your jam.)

The season could affect budget as well. Sometimes in the off season, or even off days, vendors will run specials or prices may be less. During the week, and yes we have done mid-week weddings, venues are going to be a bit less expensive than they are on the premium weekends. If you are planning a destination wedding this could work in your favor. Start the vacation early with a Thursday wedding!

What to Think About

  • Be flexible. If you have October 22nd in your mind as the only day you can get married you may need to be flexible about what venue you go with.  If you have a specific venue you have fallen in love with see what dates they have open and be willing to pick from what they have. (Sometimes the stars do align and your ideal date is open at the venue you fell in love with.)
  • Work with the colors nature gives you in the season you have chosen. For instance, light pink and peach may be perfect for spring while brighter, more vibrant colors work well in summer. Dark and moody is great for those crisp fall nights and evergreen and whites are classic for winter.
  • That being said, we break rules all the time so don’t feel stuck in the “colors” of your season.  Remember that things like flowers may cost a bit less if you stick to the ones that are in season.
  • Consider your comfort level. If you are someone who gets extremely hot or cold you may want to steer clear of the months where this is an issue or look for a climate-controlled indoor option.
  • Take your favorite season and start there. If you love spring blooms check spring availability of venues and vendors.  If smores and campfires are your all time favorite, check fall. If you love the quiet still of cold weather, check winter dates.
  • The season may somewhat dictate what your food choices are. For instance you may not want to serve a hot soup at your outdoor wedding in August.
  • Think about the sunset. If you have chosen to get married in November it may get dark a lot earlier, leaving you with less daylight for photos and outdoor elements.


For winter you are going to have less foliage to work with but you are guaranteed to be able to use that gorgeous bolero you have been eying. That is unless you live somewhere tropical (in which case…can we come visit?). You may have snow to content with but this could make for some gorgeous photos!



Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, everyone is twitterpated. Spring is a gorgeous season. It tends to be a bit rainy in Nashville so you may want to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of the rain plan.


Summer give us all kinds of beautiful blooms and long days of sunshine.  You will have plenty of daylight for photos and a lot of greens. But if you live somewhere humid, 80’s hair may be your friend on wedding day.


Foliage. Enough said. But I have more to say…. The fall has great crisp air and beautiful color changing leaves. It is perfect for cider and smores, and maybe a little bit of pumpkin spice. #basic. If fall leaves are what you have your heart set on, you may want to check on when they actually change in the area where you are getting married. Also, fall can be prone to random cold spells so maybe that bolero will work here too?

No matter the season you choose, you can throw a fun and beautiful wedding! Think about what is right for you!  You can see more on Planning + Prosecco here.

Happy Planning!

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