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  • Hi, we're Modern Vintage. We love weddings, we love love & we love to sing while we set up. Our favorite part of the day is watching you, as a new couple, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. That feeling of elation & pure joy is why we do what we do.

About Us

Hello!  We are Jessie, Becca & Gratia of Modern Vintage Events.  We are a full service event planning and design company in Nashville, Tennessee. We live for the details and making each event a unique reflection of our clients’ personality and style. We love all things crafty and beautiful and would love to help you with your next event!

Here are five fun facts and stories about us:


  • Favorite vacation and why: Definitely my backpacking trip to Europe after graduating from college (unless you are my husband asking and then totally my honeymoon).  It could really be made into a movie, too bad Eurotrip got there first.  We were there for a month and met so many people and saw so many things.  I learned that the drinks in Rome really are too strong, when you wake up on a train and a stranger is looking through your backpack “sorry” is not the correct response, if you miss your train stop they really might leave you on the side of the tracks, Europeans do not split checks, people in London don’t know how to do the running man, men at bullfights yell out things you do not understand in Spanish and that a month with your best friend is completely awesome.
  • Number one most played song/group on itunes: Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainright is actually the most played song on my iTunes.  My all time favorite band would be The Beatles.  Currently: Katie Herzig, “Question” by the Old 97’s, “Roll Away Your Stone” by Mumford and Sons, “Lay Em Down” by Need to Breathe, “Dancing in the Mine Fields” by Andrew Peterson and so on and so on…
  • Favorite Five Foods: Pizza, real Coke in a glass bottle (but I will settle for a good Coke Zero, don’t judge it is totally a food), strawberries (plain or in a shortcake), wedding cake and Sour Patch Kids.  I really tried to think of a vegetable so I could look healthy but I would just be dishonest.
  • Embarrassing or funny childhood memory:  In 7th grade I was still pretty shy and had a crush on the same boy as every other girl in school.  As any self-respecting middle schooler would do I wrote a note to my friend about how cute he was.  My friend read the note in class and the incriminating evidence of my crush was apprehended by our English teacher.  The teacher did what any adult trying to teach a kid a lesson would do and hung the note up on the board in the front of her class for the ENTIRE 7th grade to read.  Did I mention this was at the beginning of the day?  As luck would have it, I happened to have this class with my said crush and I sat right behind him.  When I got there everyone was at the front reading my note.  I promptly went to my desk and swallowed a bunch of vitamins.  (This was the most hardcore way I could think of ending the torture at the age of 12.)  When the boy finished reading the note he came and took his seat right in front of me and said, “Can you believe Lori (my friend) got that note taken up?” Whew.  That was it?  I was totally waiting for him to run from the room disgusted or tell me how he would NEVER event think about liking a girl like me.  I know what you are thinking, that taught me my lesson about writing notes.  Nope, just about writing about boys in notes.
  • If you could do over your own wedding what would you change?: When I got married there were no blogs, no Facebook and no Pinterest.  I relied on the Knot and magazines a lot.  I would probably change the colors every year but that is just because I am on pretty wedding blog overload.  Really the only thing I would change is that I would wear my hair down and curly instead of up and slicked back.  Curly, crazy hair is me.  Other than that the day truly was amazing, I got to marry my love and spend the day with the people I care about the most.  I wouldn’t change a(nother) thing.


  • Favorite vacation and why: I have two trips that are absolutely neck and neck. For one, I’d definitely say our trip to Europe.  Who better to bike Barcelona or explore the ruins of Rome with than your best friend? Each place we visited and each hilarious mishap, from missing an overnight train due to reading the Arrivals instead of Departures board to being deposited from a train in the southern Italian countryside and having to hike it down the tracks to the next station are memories that will always make me smile. My favorite long term trip would be the incredible experience my husband and I had living for a short time in a tiny rented bedroom in Niteroi, Brazil (right across the bay from Rio de Janeiro). I went there to finish up college and my husband went with me on a tourist visa to enjoy a little time off work and a lot of time on the beach. We practiced our Portuguese, ate enormous amounts of rice and beans, drank caipirinhas and tried to immerse ourselves as much as possible in Brazilian culture. We really miss Brazil and hope very much to visit again in the future. (I am crossing my fingers for the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016!)
  • Number one most played song/group on itunes:  Right now this would probably be “40 Day Dream” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. A close second would be “A Lot of Moving” by the Avett Brothers.  Like Becca, my all time favorite band is and always will be the Beatles.
  • Favorite Five Foods: Cheese, chocolate,  and peanut butter. If we’re talking cream cheese, I’ll take them all together. Also bananas, which I’ve eaten almost every single day since Brazil. And can wine be considered a food? (It comes from grapes, so it counts, right?)
  • Embarrassing or funny childhood memory: When Becca and I took our backpacking trip to Europe, we stayed in a hostel in Venice run by a husband and wife. He took care of the business end and she took care of cleaning and preparing the small breakfast they provided. Our room was located directly off of the kitchen — open the door and you were standing in it. One morning after our own breakfast, Becca and I were getting ready and as soon as I started changing, the wife threw open our door, waltzed in and began sweeping. There I was standing in the middle of the room, half dressed, while everyone in the kitchen looked on. I grabbed something to hold in front of me and blurted something like, “Excuse me, can you come back?” but the wife (who did not speak English at all) just continued merrily sweeping our floor, while Becca collapsed on the bed in a fit of laughter, drawing more attention to our room from the guests in the kitchen. Yep, Europeans really don’t have the same view of modesty as we (or at least I) do.
  • If you could do over your own wedding what would you change?:  The only two things I might change are the decor and I would have it outside. My opinions on the perfect decor change almost weekly with the ever changing wedding trends, Pinterest and my mood. Even if I designed my wedding 100 separate times, the decor would probably be completely different each time. I really wanted an outside wedding and due to weather (the coldest day any October had seen in ages) we had to move the ceremony inside. However, that weather made for some extremely crazy storm clouds that made our pictures almost surreal and absolutely gorgeous. Our ceremony was very personal  and truly us and I wouldn’t change anything about it. In the end, nothing — not the weather or any other complication — really phased me. All that mattered was him and me and being able to share the day with our family and friends.

Now that you know a little bit about us, we’d love to get to know you! We try to connect with all of our clients so that we can ensure that your event reflects your personality and style. We would love to help you with your next event!

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