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  • Hi, we're Modern Vintage. We love weddings, we love love & we love to sing while we set up. Our favorite part of the day is watching you, as a new couple, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. That feeling of elation & pure joy is why we do what we do.

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DIYF: Modern Triangle Mobile

It is Friday!!  Can I get a wooohooo!  We are bringing back our good ole DIYF (Do It Yourself Friday) today.  This one would make Candace Cameron proud.  Get out your popcorn, turn on some Full House

DIYF: Dreamcatchers

In fourth grade I used to spend the night with my friend every Friday night.  Every Friday we watched TGIF and played with our dolls.  Years after that I was still watching Friday night ABC and  I

DIYF: Cutiepie Creations

You guys remember TGIF right?  Friday nights at a friend’s house getting your Uncle Jesse and Urkel fix.  Around here we love  Fridays and still have some nostalgia about popcorn and TGIF.  In

DIYF: Wooden Photo Frames

Well folks, after a small break it’s finally time for another DIY Friday (*cheers and applause)! Today’s project will be making a wooden photo frame with the help of some modge podge and

DIYF: Pumpkin Lanterns

If you are like me, just because Halloween is over with, doesn’t necessarily mean you are finished with pumpkins for the year. I’m just getting started with all the yummy pumpkin recipes

DIYF: Book Page Pumpkins

In keeping with the fall, Octoberish theme, the craft I have for you today is pretty fun. Btw, I LOVE decorating my house. When the seasons change I get all giddy as I squeeze into our big storage

DIYF: Freaky Friday, Mason Jar Mummies

October is here! Yes it it is the month for changing leaves and amazing fall festivals and weddings but it is also Halloween time!  I LOVE  Halloween. I love dressing up and decorating and all the

DIYF: Ribbon Banner

I am obsessed with fabric.  No, I don’t sew, I just spend a ridiculous amount of time in the fabric department at  Hobby Lobby.  I think my obsession is why I am absolutely in love with ribbon

DIYF: Handmade Coasters by Modern Vintage

When I was planning my wedding, there were so many DIY elements that I wanted to include and I knew that there was simply not enough time to do them. In the end, I had to decide on a few choice

DIYF: With the Help of Stockroom Vintage…

Image from Stockroom Vintage   Today I am not giving you a new project to do but giving you an assignment none the less.  Go (now) and sign up for a wedding styling class taught by the

DIYF: Colored Mason Jars ~ Modge Podge vs. Paint

If there’s anything I love more than mason jars, it’s colored mason jars. Especially the lovely blue green ones that I have seen popping up more often lately. Sadly, these beauties tend

DIYF: Bouquets

One thing I love about weddings are the flowers. Okay yes, I love pretty much everything about weddings, but today I want to talk about flowers. There are many different options for incorporating