Everybody has to start somewhere, right? We remember when the thought of being able to actually make a living as planners/designers seemed so far out of reach. We remember the trial and error, learning by doing and the stress of trying to make it happen. The questions: how should i price myself? How should I structure my own salary? What kinds of processes should I implement to make my business more efficient? How will I know when I am successful? How do I stack up against others in the industry? Let’s be honest that last one may always be a struggle no matter where you are in your business. And the comparison game can really weigh you down. 


Let’s get together and chat. We can provide guidance, feedback or even just an ear to listen. If you need help with learning how to plan, learning how to give advice, think on your feet and provide guidance to those planning an event, we can mentor, chat through example scenarios and even set you up with shadowing opportunities. 

Take a deep breath. It's gonna be ok.

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