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DIYF: Ribbon Banner

Sep 28

I am obsessed with fabric.  No, I don’t sew, I just spend a ridiculous amount of time in the fabric department at  Hobby Lobby.  I think my obsession is why I am absolutely in love with ribbon or fabric banners.  The first one we made was for Brittni and Andrew’s wedding and from that moment I knew I was completely hooked on them.

Photo by Ariel Renae

As it turns out they are super easy to make!  Since love needs to be shared, we want to share with you how to make one!  Your tools for the job are:

  • Rope cut to your desired length (you can get this at any home improvement store and they can cut it the length you need it.)  Ours was five feet
  • Fabric.  For a shorter banner we used five different fabrics and got half a yard of each.  We have used up to three yards of each fabric depending on how tall it needs to be
  • Scissors
  • Hooks or command hooks (for hanging)

That is it!   When purchasing the fabrics try to choose quilting fabrics that will rip easily.  We like to have different sheen, texture and design to the fabrics we use.  We did use burlap and lace which will not rip as easily but gave a very fun fancy rustic feel.  Ready to learn?

  • Step One: Take your fabrics and rip them, bring out your inner Hulk.  Cut a small slit at the top of the fabric and then rip all the way down.  Cut/rip the fabrics about two inches wide.  They will fray so you be prepared to clean them up a little bit and have a pile of fabric “extras”.

You may want to keep something over your lap to keep the frays off your clothes. Especially if you are wearing dark pants.

  • Step two: Get your rope.  Lasso something.

  • Step three: After you are finished lassoing take your ribbon and tie it in a knot around the rope.  Use the top portion so there is a bit of ribbon sticking up over the rope.  repeat until the rope is full of beautiful ribbon!

  • Step four: Hang your creation and enjoy!  These work well for backdrops for weddings, birthday parties, photo shoots, you name it!

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