Hi, we're Modern Vintage. We love weddings, we love love & we love to sing while we set up. Our favorite part of the day is watching you, as a new couple, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. That feeling of elation & pure joy is why we do what we do.


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Paperless Post: Cards, Invites and fun!


You  know what we love a lot? Cards!  We love to send them (though we don’t do it often enough) and we love to receive them. When Paperless Post contacted us we were pumped to be able to show some love to some of our favorite vendors by sending them a card. Confession: when e-cards […]


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Five Ways to Plan Your Wedding and Still Have a Life

Planning Your Wedding

How am I Supposed to Plan a Wedding, Work, and Have a Life? That’s a legitimate question that you may be asking yourself daily while you are planning your wedding. All the details, decisions and deadlines can truly be daunting. (You see what we did there with the alliteration?)  You may find yourself completely shutting […]


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Rentals: Breaking Down the Basics

Planning Your Wedding

What Do I Need to Rent for My Wedding? You have gone through the tedious hunt for a venue and it is booked and is a gorgeous blank space that you can make all your own!  Oh crap, that means you need stuff to make it all your own.  Where in the world do you […]


Do I Have To Use Real Glassware at My Wedding Reception? Planning + Prosecco

Wedding Advice

Do I Have to Use Real Glassware at My Wedding? We get asked this question a lot. And the answer is nope. Here are a few things to consider when making this decision.   What kind of tone are you trying to set? Is the event formal, laid back or somewhere in between? Nice glassware […]


Wedding Dinner Options: Food Stations | Planning + Prosecco

Wedding Advice

How Should I Serve the Food at My Wedding Reception? As we’ve mentioned before, there are many different ways you can opt to serve your guests dinner at your wedding reception. Food stations can provide a fun and interactive way to encourage your guests to mix and mingle throughout the evening. Get Creative With food […]


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Getting to Know Modern Vintage: Thanksgiving Edition


Getting to Know Us: Thanksgiving Edition Happy Black Friday!  Today is a giant shopping day full of crowds and lines and all things gift giving.  (And hopefully a trip to Target if we’re lucky.)We love the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving (well Halloween really…maybe Labor Day). We love the joy it brings, the time with […]