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DIY Dreaming: Spray Paint & Lace

Mar 23

Fridays always make me excited about the possibilities the weekend may bring.  In addition to events we may have planned,  errands to run and gorgeous weather to enjoy, I like to reserve a little Sunday time for DIY projects.

DIY is not for everyone. Some would rather buy decor, favors, etc. premade and ready to roll and who could blame them? It certainly saves time and a lot of energy. But if you enjoy getting your craft on now and then, you can have a lot of  fun incorporating DIY elements into your event that can really add that extra flair and bring out your personality (and might even save you some cash).

Lately, I’ve been completely spray paint crazy. I spray paint bottles, vases, candlesticks, picture frames, you name it. I’ve got a little table set up in my backyard where I just go nuts. Spray paint is so versatile because you can cover just about anything in it. One thing I have been just dying to try lately is spray painting lace. It’s so easy to do and has the most gorgeous effect.

So, in ode to my love of all things spray painted and my new found desire to add lace to the mix, I’ve found 3 super cool DIY tutorials involving spray paint and lace. I’m just itching to try all three!

 Spray painted lace tablecloths from Offbeat Bride

Offbeat Bride’s tutorial on spray painting lace is so super easy and just look at the awesome tablecloths they made with it! Couldn’t you make the coolest pennant banners using this technique?

Lace jars featured on Le Frufru. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Lace saucers from Once Wed made using spray paint and paper doilies.

Aren’t these all so fun and beautiful? And last I will leave you with a spray paint project from Green Wedding Shoes that is absent of lace (for now), but couldn’t you just see adding lace to these beauties as well?

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