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DIYF: Dessert Buffet Part Deux and Dessert Stands

May 11

I have dubbed this week dessert week.  You know why?  It’s Mother’s Day week and I want to be able to eat dessert on Sunday without any guilt.  So, if it is dessert week and Mother’s Day, I can eat a giant cupcake guilt free.  Yep, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

But really, earlier this week we posted about dessert buffets and their benefits.  I thought I would expand on that and also give you some DIYF dessert stand creations that could be a Mother’s Day gift that would make Mrs. Matthews proud. (You know, Cory Matthew’s mom from Boy Meets World.)


Photo by Chris and Adrienne Scott

Jessie and I made the cake stand above for this shoot.  We used hat box tops, scrapbook paper, dollar store taper candle holders and embellishments.  Oh, and a lot of Gorilla Glue.  I LOVE  the way it turned out but it took us for-e-ver.  I should say that again to make Squints proud and to emphasize, for-e-ver.  It was also a bit pricey, it cost about $60 to make.  A similar cake stand could be made using a plate (that is already designed) and the exact same dollar store candle holders we used.  I think a plastic plate or even china would be perfect to get a fun look like the one below from The Happy Housewife.

Another of my favorite type of stand is a wooden one. These can be simple stumps with or without tops.  I made some of these for my son’s second birthday here:

But I love the ones from Oncewed with instruction here:

I thought I would bring in the big guns once more by talking to Amy Richardson with Main Event Productions.  Maine Event has catering, cakes, venues and flipbooks.  There is nothing this girl hasn’t seen.  I asked her a few questions to get her thoughts on dessert bars:

  • What do you think the benefits of a dessert table/station are?

[Amy ] variety!! People can choose lots of different things- easier to please everyone! And its way cute!!

  • How often do you see weddings and events doing multiple desserts as opposed to a wedding cake?

[Amy ] we are starting to see more of it- I have done several this year alone and wedding season just began

  •  Do you have suggestions about desserts for a station?

[Amy ] we do lots of s ’more stations, also grilled pound cake with berries and whipped cream- this has been really popular. Popcorn bars- sweet and salty. We do lots of mini desserts- petit fours, brownies, shot glasses with banana pudding or mousse cups.

  • Do you help with the stands/containers or does the host supply that?

[Amy ] we do as much or as little as the host needs us to. As a full service caterer we have access to lots of different props and containers that we own- if we are catering the wedding, we will usually use our own items.

  • Do you think guests like a dessert station?

[Amy ] yes- I think they love seeing different items than the same old cake.

Photo supplied by Main Event Productions

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