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DIYF: Pumpkin Lanterns

Nov 9

If you are like me, just because Halloween is over with, doesn’t necessarily mean you are finished with pumpkins for the year. I’m just getting started with all the yummy pumpkin recipes (my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are pretty fabulous) and pumpkin decor. Unfortunately, our neighborhood has been blessed with a plethora of huge mutant squirrels with large appetites who share my love of all things pumpkin. Therefore our lovely jack-o-lanterns that we continue to labor over each year usually last about a day and a half before they are hollow faceless wonders and the squirrels are sitting fat and happy up in the trees.

So this year, I decided to incorporate real pumpkins into my indoor decor where my lovelies would be protected from the vicious gluttons hiding behind those cute fuzzy faces. I’d seen photos of drilled pumpkins floating around pinterest and the interwebs, so I thought I’d try some for myself.

All you need to start is a pumpkin, a knife for carving, a drill and some small lights. I used the little pie pumpkins for mine, but you could really do any size. Ready? This is so easy, you will be amazed.


First, cut a hole out of the bottom of your pumpkin, then scoop out the insides and clean it like normal. Then figure out what pattern or design you want for your pumpkin. You can predraw it on with a pencil or just go freehand. I just winged it (wung it?).

Take a drill with a 1/4 inch bit and just drill your holes through in whatever pattern you want. This part can get a wee bit messy.

I did three with different patterns. For the one with the bigger polka dots, I used a 1/2 inch bit.

Once you’ve finished drilling your pattern, simply shove your mini lights inside and turn them on and….

Ta da! You have a lantern! Easy as pumpkin pie.

What are your favorite pumpkin projects?

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  1. Wow.. what a great art. The creativity is amazing.

  2. Veronica S says:

    Never tried it before, but bought a mini pumkin today. Like to give it a shoot. We don’t celebrate Halloween in Norway actually, but somehow, every year it gets a little more adopted.

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