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I’m Engaged. How do I get the Perfectly Pinterest Look?

Sep 19

You have just started to take your eye off the ring and onto the millions of beautiful wedding photos on Pinterest.  The feeling is called wedding beauty overload.  No, it is not possible to make every idea you like on Pinterest; yes it is possible to take the things you see and make them your own to develop a really cool wedding style for you.

I am notorious for talking about things being “pinworthy”.  I think I have an intervention in my future.  What I mean by pinworthy is not the biggest most elaborate wedding where every font matches perfectly and everything is tied togtether with the same details (I mean that would be awesome but that is not what it is about).  What I consider pinworthy is a wedding that incorporates the things that you love and makes your wedding heartfelt and beautiful.

The question that is raised is, “where do I start?”.  Well, luckily you have a friend in the diamond planning business (channeling Shane Company).

  1. Choose some colors and stick to them.  I would do different colors ever year if I could get married every year but this thing only happens once.  Choose three colors and go with those.  I like having three because it gives you at least one accent like ecru or burlap style so not all your colors are so dominant.
  2. Choose a style you like.  Is is very mod with bold geometric patterns or very victorian vintage (say that three times fast)?  Maybe it’s rustic, or classic or a combination of two of those?  Pick a style and stay closely with it.  You can add in some touches or combine them for fun but if you are too all over the place the decor will start to feel disjointed and won’t make sense.
  3. Look for inspiration outside wedding photos.  Take inspiration from your favorite scrapbook paper or wallpaper, maybe a chair or a poster you have seen.  Take inspiration from your ballet shoes or your fiance’s x-box.  (Yeah, you can have a super cool cake shaped like an x-box.)  Taking inspiation from things you love will bring you and your finace into the equation.  If you both love to read or play music use book pages or sheet music, if you both love sports encorporate them in somehow.  If you both love Star Wars make sure R2D2 makes it to the wedding.
  4. Pick out a few DIY items but don’t make your goals too lofty.  At the beginning you have a year or a year and a half but as time goes on some of the DIY elements that seemed essential in the beginning can get scrapped.  I would recommend choosing two-four projects that are your favorite and getting started as early as possible.  This way if you get those finished and have time for more you will feel accomplished, not discouraged because you didn’t get to everything you wanted to.  If you love DIY but can’t craft to save your grandma’s life outsource them.  Etsy is your new best friend.
  5. Go out on frequet dates with your finace. Free ones count.  The details could be great but if you look like you want to kill each other in your photos they will definitely not be pinworthy.
  6. Have a budget.  First and foremost knowing how much you can spend on things will make a huge difference in what  you decide to do.  This will also help you to know what you should DIY and what you should pay people to do.  It will help you decide if you should skip the key escort cards and go for the pretty paper ones.  Knowing what you want to spend and sticking to it is a BIG key in the whole planning thing.  It will help you decide if you want the florist to do killer bouquets and centerpieces or if you can get amazing bouquets and go with flowerless centerpieces.  Small budget does not equal plain wedding.
  7. Try, oh try to have f un.  Yes it is work, yes it is stressful but it is your wedding day.  There are (hopefully) no do-overs.  Make it you but not at the expense of your relationship. You still want your fiance to be yours once the day comes around.  When friends offer to help, get some wine, say yes and have a fun girls night out of it!

Ok pin-addicts.  Find your groove and your style and don’t let it get thrown off.  Make sure when you are choosing your style you include love and loved in there because there is a lot of that around you on your wedding day.


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