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Vowentines. A Whole New Spin on a Dreaded Holiday

Jan 22

Wait, did I say that out loud?  For those of you that are married or maybe who have just been together for awhile I think you will agree that Valentine’s day becomes a bit daunting.  I can only come up with so  many cutesy scavenger hunts.  At some point I just want to cook dinner at home and be done with it ok?

Marriage becomes a lot like this, it is fun and exciting but sometimes the day to day stuff can become rather dauting.  Yes, it is your turn to do the dishes, Yes, I have decided I only do them on Fridays.  No, I didn’t pick up the dry cleaning.  I don’t particularly want to watch a romcom with you.  Don’t mention The Notebook to me ever again. (I was just talking in my husband’s voice about the romcoms).  Your marriage isn’t bad, no crazy domestic disputes, it just isn’t as exciting as it was at the beginning you know?  Well, this is where Vowentines comes in!
Mawage, is what bwings us together today!
Those vows you said six months ago, six years, ten years ago, it might be time to re-commit to those.  You know, just renew them a little bit.  I vow to stick with you though dirty diapers, through soccer practice, through your hair-brained ideas to start a business while we have two small children at home.  Maybe it means, I vow to stick with you through losing our parents, a child, our house, a job.  Also, thank you for sticking with me despite all my shortcomings.  I vow to try not to take you for granted.

You are thinking mass wedding at the mall right?  This isn’t that, I promise.  Marie with Nashville Marriage Studio has the acutal vow renewal goodness down and is not going to make you stand up in front of a sea of people and tell your innermost secrets.  So then, what are we going to do?

  • Exchange vows
  • Celebrate with hors d’oeuvres, cupcakes and champagne
  • Photos!  (You may need some updated ones of just the two of you!)
  • Reignite the LOVE!
The event will be at the Hilton Garden Inn Vanderbilt, where you can stay the night as well.  (Yes, you know a night away from home sounds ah-mazing.)  You will hear from a seasoned couple and Marie will lead you through a re-writing of your vows.  This means talking about your story, how you have grown, how you can grow. Once those bad boys are written you will exchange them, this exchange won’t involve public speaking (thank the Lord).  After the vows are said it is party time!  Jo’s Custom Cakes and Catering will provide our delectables and we will enjoy hors d’oeuvres from Hilton Garden Inn.
Kelli with CK Photo will take your photos. We will have something fun set up so you can do them formal or photobooth style. (Funny faces are my thing.)
The nitty gritty details are:
February 16th
Hilton Garden Inn Vandervilt
Early Bird (through  January 31) $50 event only
                                                                               $150 room and event
After February 1st:                            $70 event only
                                                                                $200 room and event
After you renew your vows, go to dinner in Nashville and spend the night in the hotel!  (What you do from there is up to you…)
Married peeps, sign up here.  But that isn’t all.  If you are married and have a blog, no matter how long it has been, we have a request.  On January 28th (that is this coming Monday) we want you to share your story.  Share a time when you stuck it out with your spouse even though you really didn’t want to.  This doesn’t have to be as drastic as I had my bags packed and was out the door (though it can be).  It could just be, we turned into best friends and I really didn’t just want a best friend but we made it work and now we are best friends with benefits (that happen to be married).  Or maybe you haven’t wanted to leave but you have a way in which you have kept your vows, tell us that!  If you are planning to do this, please e-mail Marie at so she (and we) can give you a shoutout.

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