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What Does a Wedding Planner do for You?

Mar 6

We thought you might be wondering, is it worth it to hire a wedding planner? What do they really do anyway?

A lot of people think the bulk of our job is just coordinating the actual wedding day. But the truth is, it starts way before that.

How Much Time Goes Into a Wedding?

We usually spend anywhere between 100 to 200 hours with our clients when we’re involved from start to finish.

What Does a Planner do with that Time?

Here are some of the things a planner does for their clients:


This is the first big hurdle and y’all it’s a doozy. Your planner will help you figure out the ideal budget for you. Everyone’s budget is different and what is reasonable is very subjective. So you’re planner is going to help me determine what is comfortable specifically for you.


Your vision is next. What is most important to you? Is it flowers, great food, a kick ass dance party? What do you want your wedding to look like? Or more importantly, feel like? It’s all about having the right vibe. All this helps determine the direction of the vendors you meet with and how you allocate that budget.


After talking about your vision, your planner will help you start finding the perfect vendors. They’ll do venue research, show you your options and what each venue includes and then go visit the venues with you to ask important logistical questions taking into account the space, power issues, best fit for your budget, your guests and more.

Your planner will recommend all of your vendors to perfectly fit your style and budget, then facilitate and attend meetings with them. They’ll ask questions for you all along the way, review contracts and be your advocate in all situations.

It Isn’t Just Logistics…

We planners wear many hats: your coach, your cheerleader, your confidant, and sometimes your counselor. You can talk to us about bridesmaid troubles, family dynamics, and we’ll listen- maybe talk you off the ledge- and then give you advice on how to find a solution.

Last Minute Details

As wedding day nears, your planner will run logistics put together the timeline for all of the moving parts like ceremony, flipping your space for reception, load ins and outs and more. They’ll walk everyone through rehearsal take 6:00 am phone calls the morning of the wedding from lost vendors and make sure you have everything you need to get ready.

They’ll make sure everything flows well ,vendors are doing their part, and that you are having fun. After the day they’ll oversee break down and make sure your personal items are in order.

Planning Your Wedding Should be Fun!

What is really important to us is that you enjoy yourselves. The planning process should be fun, not just a means to an end. We like to laugh, share Prosecco, and have fun with our clients as we design a wedding day that truly shares their story and watch their personality shine through.

If we can do all of that, while also making sure your money is spent wisely, and your day is meaningful, and the best damn time ever, then we’ll have done our job.

So do we think you should hire a planner? Yeah.

If you should choose to work with a planner, do your research and find a planner that makes planning your wedding and experience to remember. (We certainly will!!)

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