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  • Hi, we're Modern Vintage. We love weddings, we love love & we love to sing while we set up. Our favorite part of the day is watching you, as a new couple, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. That feeling of elation & pure joy is why we do what we do.

Monthly Archives: September 2012

DIYF: Ribbon Banner

I am obsessed with fabric.  No, I don’t sew, I just spend a ridiculous amount of time in the fabric department at  Hobby Lobby.  I think my obsession is why I am absolutely in love with ribbon

DIYF: Handmade Coasters by Modern Vintage

When I was planning my wedding, there were so many DIY elements that I wanted to include and I knew that there was simply not enough time to do them. In the end, I had to decide on a few choice

I’m Engaged. How do I get the Perfectly Pinterest Look?

You have just started to take your eye off the ring and onto the millions of beautiful wedding photos on Pinterest.  The feeling is called wedding beauty overload.  No, it is not possible to make

Murfreesboro Engagement Photos, Jenny + Adam

Do you ever just meet a couple who is easy going and you just know they would be awesome to be friend’s with?  Jenny and Adam are totally that couple.  They are both super laid back and really

Come on, Come on, Come on to the County Fair!

The summer is making way for the fall and though I am currently mourning the loss of the swimming pool I am so excited about big piles of leaves and crisp weather.  I am also excited about county