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Hi, we're Modern Vintage. We love weddings, we love love & we love to sing while we set up. Our favorite part of the day is watching you, as a new couple, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. That feeling of elation & pure joy is why we do what we do.


Fresh and Wild Bridal Portrait Inspiration

Aug 22

Sometimes I get all wrapped up in elaborate things and details.  I said it.  Sometimes it is also nice to slow down, take something simple and beautiful and spend a day styling it.   This shoot was organic and simple but brought in so much natural beauty.

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Organic and free flowing were two words that were on our minds when preparing for this shoot. We envisioned long manes, flowing ribbons and a lot of skirt! Brides come in all shapes and sizes and bridal fashion is always changing. We really wanted to showcase an exotic bride with a different look for wedding day. When it came to flowers we knew two things, we wanted them wild and we wanted them blue. Blue can be a tricky color to pull off but when done right is absolutely stunning. Our florist has a flower farm and harvests and grows her own flowers locally so all the flowers in the bouquet came directly from her (very large) garden. We loved the texture of the skirt paired with the jewelry and the lace on the blouse. The flowers also brought a wild, natural texture into the mix. Out last wild card and must have was the horse Max. There is something so ethereal and beautiful about a horse, the mechanics of how they are built, their long manes and tails and their ability to run untamed and free.This was the driving spirit behind the entire shoot, ethereal, untamed and free.

We were so excited that this shoot was featured on Fab You Bliss this week!

Photography: Jenna Henderson, Photographer // Styling: Becca George of Modern Vintage Events // Flowers: Basil and Bergamot // Jewelry: Stella and Dot, Erika Fox // Shirt: Altar’d State // Skirt: Baby 2B Nashville // Hair and Makeup: Kat Bae, MUA // Venue: Samary Plantation

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