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Honeymoon Planning

Jul 25

Hiya friends!
It’s travel week over here at Modern Vintage Events so we are featuring all things destination. We had a little chat the other day with Carlie Finch from 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC and she shared a few words of wisdom about planning your honeymoon.

What are your top travel picks?

All inclusive is a very popular option. Caribbean and Mexico are very popular destinations for this. What is all inclusive? All your food, soft drinks, alcohol- typically beer, wine and liquor. Many include sports and non-motorized sports. They even have couple’s only resorts making it feel more romantic. For your honeymoon it is nice to have  a stress-free vacation with everything included in the price- you can check in at the resort, place your wallet/ passports in a safe and then just enjoy everything included at the resort. I also love Queenstown, New Zealand  and Sydney Australia.
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When should couples start planning their honeymoon?

Nine months to a year in advance is a good time to start planning. Evaluate how much you can spend on your honeymoon. Be sure to even look into a honeymoon registry — this can help with budget — and is a great way people can help contribute money for your honeymoon. Check out 2 Travel Anywhere’s honeymoon registry here.

How far in advance should people apply for a passport?

On average it takes 8 weeks for your passport to be mailed to you once you have applied for it.  As soon as you have your honeymoon booked be sure to apply for your passports. Did you know you can actually travel with your maiden name on your passport for years? We often book couples that still have their maiden name on passports — you just need to travel with your marriage certificate. Passport Tip: make sure the expiration date is valid 6 months prior to traveling. Some countries won’t allow you to visit if it is close to expiring.

Do you suggest bringing cash, traveler’s checks or credit cards?

If traveling Caribbean or all inclusive, such as a Sandals Resort, no tipping is allowed so no cash is necessary. For all other inclusive resort chains, be sure to take at least $50 USD cash in dollar bills for tipping as once at the resort it is difficult to get change. Did you know Mexico and the Caribbean will accept USD cash?  For European traveling be sure to call your credit card company and let them know you are traveling and what dates. Be sure to ask about cost for using the credit card in any other countries as transaction fees will apply differently for different countries.
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Do you have any packing tips?

Tip 1: Pack one full change of clothes, any necessary medicines, and a swimsuit. This way if your luggage gets lost you’ll still have everything you need to have a great time once you arrive at the resort.

Tip 2:  Another recommendation is to slip a piece of paper in each piece of your luggage that includes you travel itinerary. We recommend on the piece of paper to have the following: Travel date, your names, flight number, hotel name, your contact info. Do the same for your travel home itinerary as well. If your luggage is lost while traveling, the airline will know exactly how to find you.  You can also list the name of your travel agency and they can assist.

Tip 3:  Your passport or ID must match your airline tickets and since you won’t have time to officially change your last name before the wedding, you’ll want to keep your maiden last name for a bit longer. I actually have married couples who travel with their maiden name on the passport for years. Again you just want to make sure your airline tickets match your name on the passport. We recommend to take with you a copy of your marriage certificate to show going through customs.

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What’s the average budget range you see couple’s spending on a honeymoon?

Such a range! On average I see $400o to $5000. But, we typically book anything from $3k to $20k – it really just depends on what the couple likes, interest, budget, travel, time etc.

Tell us a little more about 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC

One of the top questions I get asked is how much does it cost to book with 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC?  There is no additional cost to book with us. FREE HELP TO BETTER prices. If you’re looking online and trying to book your honeymoon it can be overwhelming trying to decide which option. We customize every trip for the two of you to anywhere in the world . When reaching out to us, we will send you a questionnaire and based upon your likes we will help with your planning from there.

*All photos provided by 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC.

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