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The Language of Flowers

Feb 28

I am in a book club.  I love written words and stories, both fiction and non-fiction.  My book club is an escape from reality every month.  This month my book club read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  The main character in this story has a rough life and ends up learning to express herself through flowers.

It is explained that in Victorian times flowers were used to covey romantic expressions.  How romantic would it be to get flowers from your significant other and have to decode the meaning.  I know what you are thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat,” but I think it sounds fun!

This really got me thinking about my favorite wedding flowers and what they would convey.  I decided to use the handy dandy flower meaning dictionary in the back of the book to show you what my favorite flowers say.

from here

Peonies.  Currently my favorite.  They grow in my yard (don’t be impressed they were there when we moved in) and I think they are romantic and beautiful.  Guess what they mean?  Anger. Yes, anger.  Well, I won’t be mad if you still use them in your bouquet.

from here.

Ranunculus.  Oh my how I love these sweet soft flowers.  They mean: You are radiant with charms.  Ok, that is more like it.

from here.

Gerber Daisy.  My old tride and true.  I had a lot of these in my wedding seven years ago and they are still one of  my faves.  They mean: Cheerfulness.  Sunshine, gerber daisy, I am cheerful already.

From here.

Anemone. I haven’t been able to use these yet but I have been loving them from afar.  Meaning: Forsaken.  Hmmm, let’s just pretend it means our love will not be forsaken?

Some other flowers that I thought had interesting meanings are:

Baby’s breath: Everlasting love

Cactus: Ardent love

Carnation, red: My heart breaks

Dogwood: Love, undiminished by adversity

Mistletoe: I surmount all obstacles

Magnolia: Dignity

The book was good, I would recommend it for an entertaining, easy read.  It is definitely a book for those of you with a soft spot in your heart for flowers.


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