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Wedding Trends: Transparent and Naked

Aug 9

Like the shock value there? Now that I have you hooked I must tell you that this will definitely be a rated G post.  You know how sometimes you see a movie and the first time you think, man that is ok I guess, then you watch it again and you realize it might be the funniest, most quoteable movie you have seen in ages?  I may or may not be referring to Anchorman.  This is how I feel about the two things I am going to show you today.  When I first saw them I went, “Yeah, that is cool I think.”  Then I looked again and again and I thought, “Man, this is pretty awesome.”  Sixty percent of the time it works every time.

The first trend has to do with transparency.  The transparent trend is in fashion this year and has spread to parts of the wedding world other than attire.  (And I am not talking about clear heels.)  The newest trend has to do with the place where you rest your bum, ghost chairs.  These chairs are very upscale, very transparent chairs.  I mean completely transparent.

I think this photo I found on Wedding Chicks perfectly displays the fun yet elegant feel of these chairs.  I also love this one from Style Me Pretty.

I think all the transparency with the chairs and the vases leading right up to the backdrop is beautiful.  The contrast with the brick is very elegant modern with a touch or urban charm.

Transparency is definitely found in wedding dresses.  I mean that is what we are calling vintage lace these days right?

I love this romantic dress from The Lane.  This trend is one that can carry on right into your marrige.

Speaking of marriage, I love the “naked” wedding cakes.  I am an icingaholic.  No really, I could literally eat the stuff out of the pan.  I know a lot of people who do not share this love.  For those who love cake and not the icing this would be the perfect cake! (Ok, also for those who just love cake. period.  No matter how it is dressed or undressed.)

 Cake photo from Rosie Parsons Photography.

There you have it. Naked lunch can be an accepted thing, that is if cake is your lunch.  Enjoy!

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