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Rentals: Breaking Down the Basics

Jan 9

What Do I Need to Rent for My Wedding?

You have gone through the tedious hunt for a venue and it is booked and is a gorgeous blank space that you can make all your own!  Oh crap, that means you need stuff to make it all your own.  Where in the world do you begin with rentals? When it comes to choosing rentals there are a lot of options and it can be somewhat confusing to know what you need.

The Basics

Some venues include everything; tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware, and glassware.  If yours is one of those check all of that off your list!  If your venue does not include these things there are a hand full of items you will need to make your wedding reception function:

Guest Seating

When you picture the layout of the reception, do you picture long rows of tables? Round tables? Lounge furniture? Before (or during) your rental meeting, determine the types of tables and seating you prefer and then find out the number of tables and chairs your venue can hold (ask your rental rep or the venue rep if you don’t know this). Speaking of chairs, you will need those too.

Rely on your wedding planner to help guide you through the  many rental options and companies.  If you don’t have a planner don’t fret, most rental companies have reps that can help you determine what you need for your venue.


Tables are not just for guests, you will need tables for food, catering prep, dessert, DJ, gifts/guestbook, bar back (that guy goes behind the bar) and possibly for appetizers.  You may want to throw in some tall cocktail tables for mingling as well. You will need linens for all these tables with the exception of catering prep.  Check on what size linens will reach the floor so your tables aren’t showing any legs.

At some point, talk to your caterer about how many and what type of tables they will need for food and for prep. Also, ask them what other items they may need for rentals such as warmers, serving dishes etc.


Again, you’re gonna need them.  If your ceremony and reception are at the same place you will need chairs for both the ceremony and reception. This can be the same chair or two separate sets.  If you choose to use the same set you will need to flip or move them from one site to another.  Rental companies can come back and do this so you don’t have to ask Uncle Joe to pick up his and Aunt Midred’s chairs and carry them into the reception.

CFG, That’s China, Flatware and Glassware

How much you need will very greatly depending on whether you are doing a buffet, stations plated or setting the table with plates, silverware and cups. Talk to you caterer about what might work best for this and what will be needed for the menu you have chose.  Don’t forget to get plates and forks for cake or dessert as well!

In addition to the CFG you will need napkins for each person.  We also generally recommend getting about 5-10% more on these items than your guest count to cover any that unusable items. Your vendors will also need plates etc. for dinner.


Your bar can be anything from a couple of tables to a grand four-sided bar with seating. You will need a table behind the bar for a back bar or you may choose to do some cool shelving for this instead.

Talk to Your Venue

There are things your venue may have or may require you to rent. Make sure you check your contract with them or talk to the venue coordinator to ensure you are aware of all the rental requirements or companies that you need to use.

Remember that there are standard and upgraded versions of everything.  If you are on a budget it is a good idea to go in with an open mind and be willing to compromise if something on your wish list comes in way over budget. You can check out our video about rentals on Planning + Prosecco here.

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