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The Secret Garden Party

Jun 7

A few months ago I decided I wanted to be on the planning committee for an event.  You know, because I don’t do enough planning regularly.  The event I helped with was called The Secret Garden Party and it benefits the Discovery Center here in Murfreesboro.  The Discovery Center is the super cool children’s museum where we spend most of our Monday mornings.  I was really excited to be able to help raise money for a place that has enriched mine and my kids’ lives so much.  (And by enriched I mean playing and exploring and of course learning.)

Photo by Mandy Boyd Bowlin

The event was held at the Manor at Twin Oaks, which is a very cool bed and breakfast that hosts weddings and events.  The house was actually moved from Main Street here to a property with more land.  (This blows my mind, I have seen the double-wides driving along the street so I can wrap my mind around that but wow–what and undertaking to move a house of this size.  Can you imagine that breakfast conversation?  “I have this idea”….)

The owners of the Manor, The Boyd’s, were actually some of the founders of the Discovery Center (then the Discovery House) and being that this was their silver anniversary it was very fitting to host the event at their house.  The theme was “A Silver Celebration”.  I was actually on the logistics committee so I helped secure tables, chairs, linens, stage and a tent.  We were hoping not to need a tent but the forecast the day before and day of the event was nasty. I am talking sever thunderstorms, which never came by the way.

The house was absolutely beautiful, it was truly the perfect location.  Brittany Wright and Hope Tenpenny were the chairs for the event and they were pros at planning.  Lisa Williams from the Discovery Center was also there with her staff kicking tail all day to make sure everything was set and perfect.  (I love all three of those ladies by the way, awesome!)  Dawn White (you may have seen her signs hanging out around town) and her crew designed the table decorations and they were so fun.  I mean, who doesn’t like manzanita branches with moss and candles?  I have a soft spot for branches, bring em’ on.

The evening had a jazz band, bar, silent auction and live auction.  Let me tell you, they had a TON of silent auction items.  They were good ones too, things you actually want to bid on.  I did bid on one.  The live auction items were great as well, if I wasn’t spending my life savings on two rugrats I would have bid on one of their fun trips!

I really had a great time and the event was wonderful!  I would highly recommend being on a committee for an event, it is a lot of fun and helps the community where you live.  Murfreesboro committees, here I come!

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