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Trends: Ombre

Mar 27

If you are scouring wedding or party planning sites lately then I am sure you have seen the ombre trend.  No, not “hey hombre”,  like the slang term for a man.  This ombre (prnounced ohm-bray) is a french term meaning “shaded”.  Most of the time I have seen it used as many shades of the same color.  Let me tell you, it is beautiful!  We are really inspired by this right now and are itching to do something using this trend.

It is literally showing up everywhere, from centerpieces to flowers, cakes, dresses and even hair.  Talk about all the rage.  It has been around for awhile, Gwen Stefani wore an ombre wedding dress in 2002, but we can’t all be as fashion forward as she is.

I am a bit obsessed with dresses right now.  I think this could be a fun thing for a wedding dress, bridesmaids dress, party dress or everyday!

Inspiration from: 1. Ouma  2. 100 layer cake 2. Ouma 4. Sew Weekly

One of my favorite things about any party are the sweets.  Cake, cookies, cake balls, candy pretty much anything with sugar!  I think an Ombre dessert table would be amazing, starting with some of these cakes:

I especially love this one where only the inside is ombre. It looks sooo yummy. (All cake photos from Pretty Little Wedding Things)

I have seen a few flower centerpieces that were gorgeous but I really love this bottle centerpiece.  How easy would this be to do?  Save all different size bottles and have a spray paint party!  (Yes, seriously contemplating recreating this one from Ruffled Blog.)

So, whether it is your clothes, hair, dessert or centerpiece feel free to get your ombre on!

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